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CSR A.F. Textiles makes only lasting relations

While others just in the last few years, and perhaps under pressure of public opinion, talk about socially responsible business practices, A.F. Textiles embraced its responsibility on that front already at the beginning of 1997. For several decades A.F. has been striving towards joint ventures with our suppliers especially in China and Bangladesh. This includes establishing long-term, lasting relations based on mutual trust. Over the years, A.F. has become for many suppliers more like a partner than a customer, one who brings in know-how and sometimes even capital investment. It is also very important to set up a realistic development plan together, one that is financially feasible.

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Looking out for the environment

In the production of jeans especially a lot of water and also often chemicals are used. From the perspective of the environment, A.F. Textiles insists on certain standards with our producers in the use of different water treatment techniques. For example, the water used for production is filtered until the pH-values are at an acceptable level. And in a similar way, A.F. Textiles also sets standards for safe working conditions, for example ensuring sufficient fire extinguishers and clear fire exit routes.

Sarwar in Dhaka

“During our trips we meet a great many possible suppliers. Sometimes there is one among them with a lot of potential. Sarwar in Dhaka was just such a person. We helped him with the setting up of his facility and together with him we invested in heavy-duty, sturdy sewing machines. We really impressed upon him that he couldn’t be only dependent on A.F. Textiles. If we want him and his employees to do well in the long term, then he has to think commercially and thus provide service to more customers. Of course we are supporting him with tips and advice. In this way we are trying to practice socially responsible business methods. Whether this is the only way to do it properly? I have no idea, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.”

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Working conditions in facilities

Every person deserves a safe and dependable living and working environment and an appropriate wage. International agreements have been made to govern these things, of which the most well known is the one drafted by the International Labour Organisation. Naturally, A.F. Textiles follows these agreements. A.F. is also a member of BSCI, the Business Social Compliance Initiative. But there is always room for improvement. Sometimes that can be accomplished with little adjustments and solutions. A.F. is always ready to share its knowledge and experience. A.F.’s customers as a brand have often signed the Bangladesh Accord. A.F. Textiles ensures that the directives and instructions of the Accord are correctly followed in the workplace.