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Production From sample to shop

A.F. Textiles manufactures modern, high fashion articles for men, women and children. Our baseline is to offer collections of a consistent quality. For that reason, A.F. operates with suppliers who have passed a demanding selection process, particularly in China and Bangladesh. For each phase of the production process, A.F. Textiles looks for the right partners. This applies to the spinning and weaving of the fabric, the production, the wash and the finishing of the articles—but also the local transport, the shipping, and the delivery (upon request) even to hanging up the items in the shop.

From sample to shop

A.F. Textiles’ own stylists work closely together with our clients. Once the wishes and requirements are known, A.F. first has samples made. A.F. does this exclusively with the suppliers who will also be producing the order. The samples are made from material that match the client’s wishes with regard to price and quality. In the view of A.F. this is the only guarantee that the manufactured item will be identical to the received sample. After the sample stage, A.F. keeps a close watch on the production process, not only from an administrative point of view, but locally in the production facilities. In this way A.F. can support the supplier with help and advice and provide extra direction during the production process if necessary. By making many visits to suppliers, A.F. Textiles can respond more quickly than many others to client demands, for example for such things as sales or repeat orders.

Assembly and follow-up

Our success at A.F. Textiles is in great part thanks to fast and reliable delivery. This is possible first of all because of the intensive monitoring of the production process. What’s more, A.F. keeps control over the entire route of delivery through secure arrangements with transport sector providers. For many clients these are the important deciding factors in choosing A.F. Textiles.

Trough the eyes of the customer

“In order to be successful in our industry we made a conscious decision to specialise in a limited number of product segments and distribute them within a clearly demarcated area. But with the accompanying goal of offering within these segments trend-setting, good quality products for a very competitive price-quality ratio. Over the years we have been able to continually refine our production policy in order to realise these goals. We know our way around in the countries that manufacture for us; we visit local fabric markets and production facilities in order to make new contacts. Yet we always see things through European eyes. That also means that we keep a tight watch on how our products are being manufactured. Production only takes place in safe facilities with good working conditions. For us, this is the only way to get the best of both worlds.”

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In striving for consistent high quality, A.F. Textiles is very closely involved in the production and selection of fabric. Together with manufacturers, the buyers from A.F. make regular visits to local fabric fairs, and spinning and weaving facilities. By making binding agreements regarding the desired quality of fabric, A.F. Textiles prevents undesired and annoying deviations. In this way, deviations between different production batches or even between orders of the same article can be prevented.


After client approval of the fit, A.F. Textiles ensures that this fit is maintained during the production process. This is monitored with support of the Cad/Cam system and physical controls during the sewing and after the washing. All A.F.’s products are supervised by our own team. A.F. inspects the goods according to international AQL standards. In the facilities used by A.F. Textiles there is a great deal of investment in new production techniques, such as automatic pocket and waistband machines.


Fashion is full of novelties and that has consequences for the look and feel of products. A.F. Textiles has made an art out of approximating the appearance of expensive A-list brands with significantly less expensive methods. This is done partially by the application of innovative wash techniques and by finding alternative, affordable fabrics.

Applications and accessories

Many clients of A.F. Textiles maintain their own brands and/or product policies. A.F. is able to translate these private-label policies effortlessly into a variety of collections.


Each month one of our buyers travels to the far East as all products of A.F. are supervised and inspected by our own team. A.F. inspects the goods according to international AQL standards.